The Top 10 Things Dead People Want to Tell You

Book cover and link to purchaseThe Top 10 Things Dead People Want to Tell You is Mike Dooley’s guide to living an intended life.

Each chapter is an expansion on different nuggets of wisdom as seen from a perspective of objective and loving understanding. They are to be directly applied to our existence, now.  In doing so, we will experience the love, the connection, and the Divine.  There’s no need to wait to begin tapping into this, and there’s no need to die in order to do so, either!!

There is unending encouragement, hope, support, success, love, creation, happiness for each of us–right where we are. This book helps readers tap into that source.

After enjoying Conversations With History by Susan Lander, I searched both in the book and online for Mike Dooley’s mediumship credentials. Or at least a reference to communicating with dead people, as the title suggests. There’s no such reference of any kind, anywhere.

Ya know what?  It matters not! This book’s message is so transcendent that external authentication is not important. Think about it–even if the author completely dreamed this stuff up, it still is life-changing and life-celebrating. So there. 🙂 Enjoy fully.

Readers who are drawn to the Law of Attraction will appreciate the similarities here. Anyone who enjoys reading encouraging and empowering subjects needs a copy of this in their hands. Anyone wondering about loved ones who have passed on will be reassured when reading this book.

I was not financially compensated for this review, I received the book from Hay House in exchange for my thoughts about it.  A fine deal, if you ask me.

AmazonHay HouseBarnes & Noblefind this book online at Chapters

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