You’re Getting Closer

You're Getting CloserYou’re Getting Closer: One Year of Finding God and a Few Good Friends is Mollie Player’s journalistic view of her quest to both learn to “pray without ceasing” and to make true friends.  She carries on a conversation with her readers throughout her experiment, and in so discovers her own inner dialogue–which is rich in wisdom for the reader as well.

Although the book is a diary, it reads like an unfolding story. The author weaves external events and internal understanding in a beautiful pattern of growth as a confidante and not a clinician.  Reading it is as if she were your new acquaintance stopping over for a periodic lovely visit.

Focusing on the two main goals of ceaseless prayer and cultivating real friendship, the author chronicles her year of overcoming depression through internal and spiritual evolution.  This is a wonderful and seemingly unpredicted connection to the original two-pronged plan, which is embraced and appreciated while retaining focus on the main intent.  As a result, readers are free to accidentally explore their own subtle nuances while following the safety of the author’s defined goal.  Anyone interested in personal growth, regardless of the form, will enjoy this book.

In bravely sharing her journey, we see the author’s personal progression and growth.  And, dare we admit, we just might glimpse our own selves reflected somewhere along the way.

I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion of it. You can learn more about her and her other works at her blog.  Her book is available for purchase on Amazon.


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