Supercharge your morning (part 5)

“What is one thing you can do this morning to make all your tomorrows be your best yet?”

Just for this morning

it’s time to get down to it.

Stop putting off what you’ve been off-putting.

Roll your sleeves up

and get stuck in.

Tom Evans, Supercharge Your Morning

I’ve been meaning to do the laundry… For the past five days.

I’ve been meaning to organize the storeroom… For the past five months.

I’ve been meaning to write my book… For the past five years.

Holy wow, time is weird. I didn’t even realize that I was stuck out of it.

Ready or not, it’s time. (Spoiler alert:

the soul is always ready.) The spiral doesn’t need to be completed today, simply begun. (Another spoiler alert: the spiral is about movement and process, not about finish.)

I think I’ll start now with a load of towels. I wonder what else will. . . unfold?

spiral laundry
spiral nature

What have you been putting off? What one step can you take today towards that? It’s time to get down to it. Movement in your day opens up movement in your life.

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