An Astonishing Way to Live

Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.

When my children were little and I would begin to introduce them to something new, I consistently got two different responses:

“Yes! What is it?”

“No. What is it?”

Do you see yourself in either one of these?

Author's son when young, dragonfly perched on his finger.


The interesting thing is, both are actually a Yes because of what comes after the initial response. Wondering keeps the door open.

Silhouette of author's child when young, learning to kayak.

And it makes me wonder about myself now, when the universe calls. Am I all in, or am I hesitant? Do I trust, or do I manage/control? And where, how, or even does a Maybe fit in here?

While I still ponder this, I recently said Yes. Even though I didn’t know the outcome, application, or the end game. Which, by the way, is out of character for me. I don’t need all the details ahead of time, but I’d sure love an outline.

I said Yes to Therapy Dog Training with my beloved Riley. We are now a certified team and are able to go into nursing homes, mental health centers, dentist offices, workplace and other such environments. We get to share bright days, warm hearts, and healing energy. Just by breathing.

Group photo of recent therapy dog team graduates.

We’re the team on the far left!

Do I know when or how I’m going to create these events? Um, no. Not yet. So much for normally beginning with the end in mind…

But I do know that the process has been amazing along the way. And that it continues to be, because guess what? It turns out that after first completing Therapy Dog Training, a team is eligible to go on for Reading Canine training and certification. Who knew?!? As a team, Riley and I will get to help children read in schools, libraries, and other youth centers. And that really warms this dog-loving, former school librarian’s heart. We’re currently training, Yes.

I believe that when we’re needed, we’ll be available. And I further know that because we’re now available, there will be opportunity. Trust. Presence. Guidance. All in. Living a life.

That’s what comes when you say Yes. It’s astonishing.

So gently over to you. What is one thing that you have said Yes to? What can you say Yes to today? Tell about it, in the comments below.

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