Four feel-good fiction features (plus 287 more)

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There is always a book that I am currently reading. I used to hear of people who had two or more books going at the same time, and I never understood how they could tear themselves away from the first one before it was finished, to immerse themselves into the second.

Now, I myself have fallen into that habit: I have a print copy for reading on the deck, and an electronic book for reading in bed. Don’t knock it ’til you try it!

My usual genre of choice is transformational nonfiction (a term coined by Kelly Notaras). At this moment I am reading The Course In Miracles Experiment (Pam Grout), Finding Your Deep Soul (Paul Francis), and The Astonishing Power of Emotions (Esther and Jerry Hicks on the teachings of Abraham).

Yes, I know that’s three. But the first one I use as a daily meditation, designed to take a year!

reading man

And of course, I have books waiting for me. Right now it’s Shamanic Reiki (Llyn Roberts and Robert Levy) and The Female Archangels (Claire Stone).

But sometimes I’m looking for an uplifting story. If you are, too, allow me to share four of my feel-good reads with you:

  1. The Alchemist (Paulo Coehlo)
  2. A Dog’s Purpose (W. Bruce Cameron)
  3. Committed (Elizabeth Gilbert) (technically memoir, not fiction — and a great story)
  4. The Dalai Lama’s Cat (David Michie)

And, there is also Goodread’s list of uplifting fiction.

So go ahead and pick a title to try! Check with your local library, or make a purchase (I love Amazon!) My personal favorite is to buy a print copy and then share it when I’m done.

Have you read any of these four books? Which titles on the Goodread’s list jumped out at you? (I gave a cheer for The Complete Calvin & Hobbes Collection!)

Happy reading!  And — Happy. Reading.


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boy reading

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2 Comments on “Four feel-good fiction features (plus 287 more)”

  1. I always have two books going at once–one for morning meditative reading–right now My Grandfather’s Blessings by Rachel Naomi Remen (loving it!) and one for bedtime–Turtle Moon by Alice Hoffman (jury’s still out). Books are my addiction and I can justify buying them used far too easily!


  2. The Dalai Lama’s cat is my favourite too. Have read the other books for Elizabeth Gibret loved them aswell – City of girls, big magic and the famous eat, pray, love. Pam Grout’s E2 is magical. Happy reading. Happy to find an alike avid reader.


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