Change your lens.

Self-help, mental wellness, and personal growth is awesome. I highly recommend it. And if you’re here, you’re likely already doing this. However, there is a sneaky part of self-improvement that many of us start from which is short-sighted. We view ourselves through the lens of seeing that something is wrong, and we’re trying to fix […]

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On Wanting More…

Sometimes I become confused with being happy where I am versus desiring more.  It’s easy to think that being spiritual means we simply accept our circumstances. We do, but I now understand that acceptance is of awareness, grace, and growth — not of stagnation. When my children were very small, my kitchen lighting was so […]

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You are more than your _____ .

You are more than the condition of your wardrobe. You are more than your hairstyle. You are more than your age or other demographics. You are more than your very real aches and pains. You are more than your high school experience. You are more than your job description. You are more than what you […]

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