On Wanting More…


Sometimes I become confused with being happy where I am versus desiring more.  It’s easy to think that being spiritual means we simply accept our circumstances. We do, but I now understand that acceptance is of awareness, grace, and growth — not of stagnation.

When my children were very small, my kitchen lighting was so dark that I cooked with a flashlight in my teeth in order to be able to see inside the pot. It was only during the dark months of the year (which in northern Minnesota are about 9)…and I had a great flashlight, so I actually thought this was a good solution.

I was living in such a state of appreciation for my first house, yet I can see now that I wasn’t allowing myself to want more — because I didn’t want to become ungrateful.

Okay, no one should have to regularly cook with a flashlight in their teeth.

We’re not victims of our lives. We are not passive to our experiences. It’s in the accepting of our now that we can then move through to our beyond. First we embrace our good, then we’re able to turn toward our highest good. If we don’t flow through it, our initial good ultimately becomes merely good enough. And this stagnation then leads to contraction — all of which are the opposite of our divine expansion.

Once I finally accepted that my flashlight solution was barely good enough, I was able to open myself to my higher good. And the results from that shift continue to be a Holy Wow for me to this day. Kitchen lighting, yes. And so, SO much more.

A helpful phrase for gracefully balancing between our today and our future is to add, “for now.”

As an example, I could have said to myself, “My kitchen is really great — for now. “(Absolute gratitude for my current situation.) “And I will one day have even better lighting.” (Desire for even more awesomeness.)


We can be both grateful and desirous at the same time. It’s actually a divine path of spiritual evolution.

Wanting more is part of being an ever-expanding, creative human being. There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact it’s encouraged. Wanting more does not mean we are unhappy or ungrateful for what we have and where we’re at, it just means we are ready to continue to grow.

Flowers do not force their way with great strife.  Flowers open to perfection slowly in the sun.  Don’t be in a hurry about spiritual matters.  Go step by step, and be very sure.

– Grace Cooke / White Eagle

What is it that you dream of for one day? How can you appreciate that even more through your current situation?

What are you overwhelmingly grateful for in your life? Holding that feeling, what aspect can you see expanding from there?


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