Be Who You Are


Just for today

take up space.


Be who you are

leave your mark on the world

and leave a seed trail

for others

to follow.



The breadcrumb trail we leave just by living is our example of being. It’s up to others to follow, or not, as they lay their own tracks.

What are some seed trails that have beckoned you? For me, Wayne Dyer, Pam Grout, and Abraham-Hicks enchant.


Inspired by the Mediation “Just for Today” by Tom Evans.





Be You

2 Comments on “Be Who You Are”

  1. Good stuff! I’ve found, for me, it’s important to figure out who I am and what I want to be before I can actually comfortable being me and believing in what I am doing. I’m getting there. Progress, not perfection 🙂


    • I love that phrase about progress so much, and have found it super helpful. You gave me an inspiration when I read it just now, and I was struck with “Process, not perfection.” Which for whatever reason is incredibly profound in my life right now. Thank you, Neal. ❤


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