Four Parts to Manifestation. Part Two — Physical

Part Two of Four (Emotional, Physical, Mental, Spiritual) Building upon our last conversation, I now recognize that I say I want X (for example, to lose weight), yet I continually experience Y (make poor food choices). What did you discover about your experience with this situation? What is it that you desire, yet continually don’t […]

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Four Parts to Manifestation. Part One — Emotional

(Part One of Four–Emotional, Physical, Mental, Spiritual) I say I want one thing, yet what I am experiencing is another. For example, I say I want to save money — while I continue to spend. I say I want to lose weight — yet I continue to eat mindlessly and not move my body. For […]

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The Dark Side of Selflessness

It’s my nature to take others’ needs into account. A big part of Life, after all, isn’t about me, it’s about what I can contribute. How we can make the world a better place for ourselves and for those around us. There are many similarly-minded folks out there, and reading this you are likely one […]

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