I seem busier lately, and to stay balanced I’ve consciously made a point to be present.  You know what I mean–when you’re at work be at work, and when you are home, fully be there for your loved ones.

I thought I had been, and if I asked my spouse and children they would very likely give me tolerant, supportive, truthful, benevolent confirmation of this.   Is there anybody else out there who is the only female in the house?!?  But today I had a huge awakening.

I have not been making a lot of eye contact.

Oh, I’m present all right.  I listen, and I contribute to the conversation.  We all spend our common time comfortably companionably.  No one would have any complaints, except maybe understandably my husband who currently has the flu.  But presence without consistent and purposeful eye contact has room for this added layer of richness.

Perhaps nothing is missing, it’s just ready to deepen.  I like that.  And I know no one at home would complain either.

left eye

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