IS: Your Authentic Spirituality Unleashed

ISThis book by Faith Freed describes itself as a helpful grounding tool for those who are spiritual mavericks.  If you find and value Truth from multiple places, including personal experience, and you create your own path…you might be a Maverick!

What if Adam and Eve could have been apes…?  Not seeing a conflict of possibility there, I’ve wondered that since childhood.  You can imagine how much my Sunday School teachers loved to see me in class….

A possible challenge you may then face is where to find grounding for your wisdom?  Where do you go for a foundation, structure, or support?  It’s not like there’s a central meeting place for all of us who find going our own way to be spiritually nourishing.  That would defeat the purpose of “going our own way.”  I mean, as soon as we make a group now there are group norms rather than individual…which is why we’re where we are in the first place!

IS uses a visual of a sparking holy disco ball to symbolize four dimensions of this party we call life.  IS stands for Infinite Source, which is also known as God, the Cosmos, or whatever name you choose to call the energy and essence of everything that exists.  What I love is that IS directly connects to I AM in my own spiritual maverick-ness.  (Does anybody else see that?)

These four dimensions make up the spiritual (unseen) and physical (embodied) aspects of Source and self.  They are described fully in this book, as well as in application to specific big life ideas defined by chapter.  These big ideas include Immediate State, Inner Stillness, In Sync, Intention/Surrender, Inevitable Symmetry, InSeparable, and In Service.

Each chapter also has a shout-out (prayer), invitation (specific exercises), and anchors (key phrases).  This makes each chapter easily referenced, thus becoming a handy manual.  I especially like the anchors, which puts it all in a nugget of wisdom that is easily remembered.  And posted on random notes left about the house and car.

IS reinforces your already-awesome personal spirituality.  It reminds you that you are not alone and weird in your view of God that you think might possibly make your childhood clergyman shudder in fear for your soul.  You already know you are fine, now you know other people support you!

I believe it was Henry David Thoreau who, on his deathbed, was asked by his aunt if he had made his peace with God.  He replied, “I was not aware that we had quarrelled.”  (I learned this from my Mom, try here.)

Faith’s style is personable and fun.  This book reads like a conversation, not like a textbook.  Pick up a copy and revel in not only acceptance and support, but celebration!

So, I’m wondering.  Is the author’s name her real name or a pen name?  ‘Cause if it’s her real name, what a Cosmic coincidence!  (See the In Sync chapter…)  If it’s a nom de plume, it is utter genius. This book is truly about individual and personal faith freed!!

Hay House kindly gave me a copy of this book, asking only that I review it honestly.  Thank you, Hay House!

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