It Took Me 20 Years to Learn This Beauty Tip

In my twenties, I stayed at home with my babies. I practiced a daily beauty-product routine, even though I didn’t always leave the house.

I just didn’t want to let myself go.


In my thirties, I went back to work in public and gussied up a bit on Monday through Friday. On the weekends, I practiced a scaled-back beauty product routine.

I just didn’t want to let myself go.

bare-full-makeup_300Now in my forties, my new career is creative and my personal interests are developing. On any given day I use beauty products if and as I feel moved to. This time, I’ve learned to follow what lights me up.

I’m so glad I let myself go!

Beauty is the product, when you make joy your routine.





3 Comments on “It Took Me 20 Years to Learn This Beauty Tip”

  1. You are so right my friend!!! Joy is the best makeup & following your inner lights radiates beauty through you and into the world!!! Way to let yourself go!!!!
    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! ❤


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