Take the First Step


That niggling idea that you have isn’t going away, is it?

You know which one I mean. At this stage it’s a recurring inspiration. A “What-if?” A dream.

Maybe you’d like to trade in your desk job for travel writing. Could be you’re thinking about starting a local community group for winter camping. Perhaps you’re considering taking your pottery hobby public with a booth at regional events. Possibly you’d like to change your nutrition habits.

You have no idea how to begin. You likely haven’t shared your idea much, if at all. And — let’s be honest– you’re not sure that you’re ready for how your life might change if your idea actually succeeds.

This, dear ones, is a sure sign that the Divine is at work here. Personally, I’ve found that my life goes much better when I follow that.

Don’t worry that you don’t yet know the full plan; just take the first step. That’s all.

So take some sort of step, today. Search info on education options. Request job description details. Ask the city office about community groups. Make some business cards. Download a green juice recipe.

Relax. The first step isn’t a commitment, it’s breaking through your blocks.

For me, I finally sent the email asking how the library community room can be used. It doesn’t mean a local writer’s group starts tomorrow, it just means I’m taking guided action about my big idea.

I’ve busted through my self-imposed block to beginning, and have begun to follow my inspiration. And that feels divine.

You don’t have to know how it’s going to end; you just have to trust enough to begin. (Click to tweet this!)

the-first-step-mlkWhat is a first step that you can take today? Sometimes a first step is to share in the comments, below. ❤

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