You CAN Get There from Here! Here’s How.


We get dissatisfied, we want something else for ourselves. Something different. Something…more.

This is not ingratitude: we are meant to continually grow and evolve. To become.

Sometimes it’s a big outward thing, like a different job. Sometimes it’s a seemingly small outward yet great-big-huge inward thing, like more peacefulness.

You know the feeling, of when you are Here and you’d like to be There. It sometimes feels like urgency. Other times it is just a general, underlying meh.

Maybe you’re ready for a job where your newly developed strengths are needed and appreciated. Could be you feel over-busy and would like to have more breathing room. Perhaps your old patterns of relating to the people in your life no longer serve you, and you’d like some things to change.

But how do we actually get from Here to There? How do we make it show up in our lives? Here are three steps to get us going in our next right direction.

  1. Define what you want.
  2. Name an outside action you can take to support this, and by when.
  3. Identify the inside feeling that is associated with what you want, and follow that.

Here’s my most recent example:

  1. I want to be less busy.  No longer house a hamster wheel in my head.  I’m gonna own that. That’s my There.
  2. I will create a half hour in my afternoon to sit and read a book, before my to-do list is accomplished. I will do this at least three days a week,  A fiction book for fun, not professional reading for work. And (gulp!) not a self-improvement or self-learning book that I happily have a stack of, waiting for me. (Before the work is done and something just for its own sake are two big deals for me, by the way!)
  3. To me, being less busy really means feeling more peaceful, no matter what’s going on in and around me. I now create that through my action (step #2). Further, I now learn to recognize that feeling in other places in my life. I can be mindfully present as I wash and slice the strawberries and blend my morning shake. I can feel my feet on the ground and breathe in the fresh air as I walk to the mailbox and back. I can pause to kiss my dog’s nose and make eye contact as I place her food bowl in front of her. In this way I learn to recognize — and cultivate — the feelings associated with what I want (step #1), that are available to me in a variety of packages.

We want the action because we want the outcome feeling. You can create it, and you can also find it.

And now, you have become what you sought. You are suddenly There.

(Hah! The irony is that it now becomes your new Here. And eventually you will look for another new There.  May we be reminded that this is not ingratitude; it’s simply another turn on the spiral. Evolution and growth is good! Otherwise, we stagnate.)


What’s your example? First, what is it that you want right now? Next, what action can you take to support what you want, and by when? Finally, what’s the feeling that underlies what you want? How can you follow that feeling in other ways? Add your comments below, and share this post with someone you can team up with for support.


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