Change is Good For the Soul



Look up the symbolism of these… I dare you.

Just for today

Make a change.


The only constant, unchanging thing is… change.

So, embrace it:

go somewhere new

meet someone new

do something new

think something new.

And allow the resultant change that happens in your world.

This is actually right on track

for your journey.



Change is another word for expansion. Growth. Leveling up. Of course it can be uncomfortable, yet in my experience it’s a whole lot less so when faced. And I’m discovering that practice also helps. Immensely. Even if it’s just ocassionally shaking up my breakfast routine.


What one, small change can you make today?

Remember that you are the dragonfly nymph: life is definitely gonna change on you, whether you choose it or not. But, you get to soar.


Inspired by the Mediation “Just for Today” by Tom Evans.


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