How Much Happiness Can You Stand To Have?

I was recently listening in the car to a discussion on happiness by Dr. Robert Holden, as I was driving across the state. Because as happy as I am, I’m always interested in Leveling Up. An interesting exercise he shared was to complete this sentence: “One way I’m making myself unhappy is __________.” What was […]

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Go, You!

I used to want to be liked. And I learned that pleasing others is exhausting. Next I hoped to be accepted. And I learned that approval is insidious. Then I desired to be understood. And I learned discernment is both a gift and a choice. Now I validate myself. And I learn that authenticity is […]

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Work at Play

You are really, really good at adulting. You work your fabulous job. You put nourishing meals in your body. You’re connected with and contributing to others — whether it’s a partner, children, a pet, a darn good friend, or an online community. When was the last time you truly let go, just for a moment, […]

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