Acting on our internal dramas

theater drama faces

What do you really like about yourself at this moment? Take a moment to seriously consider this. Think of the little stuff, and the big stuff.

I really like my freckles. I appreciate that I care so much about others. I like that I’m a good listener.

What do you really . . . not so much like . . . about yourself at this moment? It’s okay, none of us have reached perfection.

I’m not a fan of my crooked fourth toe. I wish I knew my own needs more clearly. Why do I tolerate others’ verbal tirades?

Are you willing to change the things you can? Are you willing to accept the things you cannot?

What if I didn’t let myself off the hook with mental “I don’t know?” Can I notice when I am settling for something happening around me, just because it’s easier to go with it than to speak up?  Can I discern when confrontation actually might be worth the discomfort, in order to deepen a relationship for the better? My toe is kind of cute, actually.

sereniy prayer

Why, in the past, have you not actually changed the things you dislike about yourself, that you can?

I’m not looking for an argument. I really don’t need much, anyway. I’m not all that interested in having un-bitten fingernails, anyway. 

It’s a paradox (Ooo! Divinity alert!) that to act on these things, we must actually release them. How can you surrender, today?

This thing that I feel is unmangeable? That’s not really mine to manage, it’s my stunt double’s (another name for Spirit, God, etc.). 

I am not responsible for the outcome, just my holy input.

All I need to do is show up, and be present.

How can you let go, and show up, today?

Even if only for your fingernails. That counts. Ten times over.

book cover for 30 shamanic questions for humanity: from ego agenda to soul purpose...remembering the bigger picture. By Linda Star Wolf.

Qs 8 & 9

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