The devil’s not in the details; God is


Okay, so I’m really digging this expanded direct-connection with God thing. Although it’s been a concept I’ve appreciated in my life for a long time, when I actually attend to it — regularly — then the Divine buzz really levels up.

Invoking the Divine directly as needed is a good thing. This is like being together while getting a medical checkup, taking the puppy in for its booster shots, or getting an oil change on the car.

Please help me pass my driver’s license eye exam. Thank You for sending that kind person who stopped to help when I had a flat tire. Wow, my job has been going really well lately.

Experiencing everything together with Spirit is even more amazing. This is like being together while going to get the mail, pouring coffee, or making the bed.

Help me find the love within this frustrating conversation. Thanks for another beautiful daybreak. Wow, indoor plumbing is awesome.

You’re likely well past saving your Divine connection only for the big stuff. I’m just saying, reconsider what you think of as the medium stuff.

Or even the small stuff.

BE with your perception of Spirit, even in the minutiae. Especially then.

Spirit is actually already there in the details, waiting with a cup of coffee for you. (Don’t worry; She’ll still be there with you when you renew your driver’s license too.)


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book cover for 30 shamanic questions for humanity: from ego agenda to soul purpose...remembering the bigger picture. By Linda Star Wolf.


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