Holding hands with the Divine

holding hands with the Divine

What is keeping you from having a closer, more intimate relationship with a Divine Presence? (Also known as God, the Universe, the FP [Field of Potentiality], Holy Spirit, stunt double, personal butler, etc.) Do you hold the concept that you created as a child? Does that still serve you?

As a child, my God was a loving authoritarian in the clouds. Trying to live up to a set of rules gave me structured guidance.

As an adult, my Higher Power expanded to also include the Universe. Recognizing that all of us are one, swimming in the same delicious soup, allowed me to move from feeling separate from God to knowing we are One.

And now, my Holy Spirit is my spiritually-conjoined Twin. My inseparable BFF. My stunt double (She says, “Don’t worry; I’ve got our tough stuff covered!”). This inspires me to move through life in a state of grace, to bumble our way together, and to recognize this in everyone else.

I wonder where we’ll grow from here? I look forward to it, together.


book cover for 30 shamanic questions for humanity: from ego agenda to soul purpose...remembering the bigger picture. By Linda Star Wolf.


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