The Hero’s Journey

Photo by Gina Drellack

In diverse world mythology there is a shared fundamental story pattern that Joseph Campbell named the Hero’s Journey.    Although each hero is unique, there is a template to the journey.  This likely sounds familiar to you, and may even resonate in your own life.  I certainly hope so, as each one of us is the hero in our own life story!  We are each our own unique manifestation of a shared soul journey, and there is power in embracing this.

Recognizing not only that we are on this patterned plot, but naming where we are along the way, transforms our lives.  Yes, it is our big life overview, but it is also our daily moments.  We are able to be more objective, and see our lives from a soul perspective.  It helps uplift us–our own selves, as well as interactions with others, to vibrate at a higher frequency.

So where are you today?  I encourage you to look at your current situation through the lens of the hero that you indeed are.  You are unique.  You are special.  You are important.  You are needed.  Go ahead, it’s welcoming you:

  • Hear your call to adventure
  • Cross the threshold
  • Face your tests and ordeals
  • Gain your reward
  • Be transformed
  • Return home with a gift

What is in your life that you can view from your hero’s perspective, what adventure do you hear?  Is there a vacation you would like to plan? Have you always wanted to write? Do you wish you could speak up about something with your friend? Cross the threshold with that first baby step.  Do Not Worry.  The rest will unfold, and it will do so for your good.  Enjoy the journey!  You are recognized and encouraged along the way.

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