Claim Your Passion

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Visiting with a lovely mother of five adult children, she described her painting hobby.  “I do art,” she declared.

That was last year.  I was lucky enough to catch up with her this summer, and she spoke again of her passion.  “I am an artist,” she said.

This beautiful woman described how much she anticipates going into her space every day and picking up her brushes.  She is astounded, never dreaming she would have ever been able to give so much life to her passion.  This woman positively beams with appreciation and gratitude, and is a tremendous joy to be around.  Her soul shines.

She recognizes her transition from “I do art” to “I am an artist.”  She knows that we do not need to earn our passions in order to call ourselves by them.  Each of us already is that which we aspire to be–all we have to do is allow.

What is your secret passion or interest?  Allow yourself to have it out loud!  Someday is today, it says so on the calendar. (Go look!)  It is already owned by you–now claim it. Start by saying “I am…”  Let your soul shine.

I am.

Thanks, Rosie.

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