Keep Your Curiosity Alive

If curiosity killed the cat, it’s only because that kitty wanted to know what was on the other side!  Our curiosity keeps us alive, vibrant, excited, and engaged in life.  In the moment, it makes you smile more and feel ten pounds lighter.

I love that the name of the NASA Mars rover is Curiosity.  Yes, I set the alarm and got up at o’dark thirty to watch the broadcast. Was I disappointed?  No–I would have been disappointed if I had not acted on my interest, even if it perhaps seemed small at the time.

Mars is pretty big stuff.  So is what I learned this weekend right here on Earth.  I’ve spent my entire dog-loving life assuming that they drink water a certain way, and my mind was blown when I learned it’s actually the complete opposite of what I believed.  (How in the world does their tongue flip backwards?!?)

Now, I know it’s less about the dog drinking water and more about my previously held beliefs being shaken.  It’s along the lines of mentally switching from a flat Earth to a round one.  But it’s curiosity that makes it so fun!  Approaching things from that space, rather than a space of needing to be correct, cultivates awe and wonder.

Honor your curiosity, and have an awesome and wonderful day!  See, you’re smiling already.  And your jeans fit better.

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