The Sacred Grace of Shutting Up

Photo by Gina Drellack

Recently I was in the position to righteously and rightfully say “I told you so!”–and didn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I was all over spewing the words.  My mouth opened up wide with the retort right on my lips for the group to hear–and I swear an angel snapped it shut for me.  That same angel then transformed my growing smile of giddiness from being publicly right, into instead beaming support for my husband (my I-told-you-so target) as he had his Aha moment.  It was as if I were standing next to myself watching this happen.

It’s not about the manifestaion, in this case weed killer and mulch.  It’s also really not about being right, or being recognized as such.  This is about shared emotional space with my loved one, and it was my own Aha moment.

Often I desire to be on the same wavelength with another, very much so with my husband.  This includes a verbal or even situational plane, and now I see an energetic one.  Yes, conversation and words bring union.  So does participating in a common activity or position.  However, silently standing in grace and seeing it energetically received, acknowledged, and returned elevates the shared space to sacredness.  I credit my husband with his participation in this energetic exchange.  Whether he is conscious of it or not, his soul is.

Many times we silently send it out.  The gift is when we experience the exchange.  That is indeed sacred grace.

3 Comments on “The Sacred Grace of Shutting Up”

  1. Gina, I happened to come across your post by accident, but I believe there are no accidents. It’s so hard not to speak especially when we know we are right but as you said being right and claiming so are two entirely different matters.
    Have a wonderful day!


    • You are right 😉 about there being no accidents–glad to meet you! I am grateful that with my husband (and other awesome friends) I do not need to claim to be right–these individuals freely share appropriate kudos and appreciation. It’s both amazing and a Great Big Duh! to be around people who I do not need to continually earn the privilege of being in their company. Gratitude for life lesson learned, and the lesson itself was not an accident!


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