TranscenDance Expanded

“Stop trying to fix yourself…start to see yourself.”

This is a beautiful book of nine printed wisdom services by Michael Bernard Beckwith, each with an accompanying song version collected on the included cd.  It’s a groovin’ dance mix with amazing messages, made more profound in combination with their chapters!

Growing up in church, I remember the sermons as a whole leaving me a little flat.  Language that puts people in Inherent Sinner mode leaves no room for escaping that role.  I remember thinking, “Okay, that’s your big picture.  But what about good advice for living my day today?”  The whole Repent-Because-You-Might-Die-Tomorrow didn’t help me with living life today.

As I read this book I was suddenly struck with the realization that this is the teaching I was looking for at that time!  The messages such as I Am, there is nothing that needs fixing, and consciously choosing the path of expanding awareness is a welcome and refreshing understanding and support.

Daily advice reminders are there, too: stay away from dangerous people–those who complain, choose victimhood, support things only as they are–because it can very easily rub off.  Think from creativity instead of competition, focus on the vibration of things in harmony with your life, and courageously use your unique voice–the world needs what you have to say!

The most profound hit for me was that although I know the messages in the book, I finally started to feel it.  May you feel it, too.

I received this book/cd set from Hay House in exchange for my honest opinion of it.

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