The Importance of Being Extraordinary

The Importance of Being ExtraordinaryI just finished this wonderful two-cd audio set by spiritual powerhouses Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle.  What a combo!  They have an insightful visit with each other, made me think of coffee with Wendy–although our audience is usually furry household pets instead of a lecture hall full of appreciative spiritual seekers!

Having recently read and thoroughly enjoyed Wishes Fulfilled by Wayne Dyer, I found the cd’s to be aligned with the same beautiful concept of “I Am.” Our extraordinary selves are described as both encompassing and transcending our ordinary selves.  Our physical, emotional/mental selves comprise our fabulously ordinary self; our infinite soul, our Presence, is our beautiful extraordinary self.  This conversation is support for recognizing our ego vs. our I AM.

A big message that I got out of this is to treasure what I am–this is the extraordinary in me.  An affirmation given for this is:

I treasure my magnificence to be an awake being.

If you have read any of Wayne Dyer’s or Eckhart Tolle’s work, you will enjoy this cd set.  If this is your first encounter with either, you will also appreciate this insightful exchange.  Their interaction is synergistic, their shared thoughts are uplifting, and their humor is divine (pun intended!).  I bet even the Dalai Lama would get something out of listening to this!  The first cd has four tracks, totalling almost an hour (58:23).  The second cd has six tracks and includes audience questions at the end, for a total of a nice, healthy hour (66:35).

Hay House gave me this awesome spiritual support cd set simply in exchange for my honest viewpoint of it. Two listening hours very well spent, I’d say.  🙂

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1 Comments on “The Importance of Being Extraordinary”

  1. Sounds great, very good review, will have to check it out 🙂 Despite hearing so much about these guys I’ve never actually read their work!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂



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