Look at the Treasure, Not at the Map to Find It

When you are in sync with the Energy of Source, which is the Energy of Well-being, Well-being is your experience. And when you’re not you don’t feel so good. Everything that you’re living is a perfect replica of the vibration of your being.—Abraham

I’ve been in a slump lately. Maybe you also identify with sometimes not feeling so good, as Abraham describes it above. I like to think that even folks like Jesus, Buddha, and the drivers we pass on the road know what we’re talking about.

My previous style of pulling out of this would be to identify what and why I feel out of whack, and then muscle through in to overcome it. I would struggle my way back to my normal state of feeling good. And yes, it would work.

It occurs to me that my newly-learned approach to bold dreaming also applies here. Rather than struggle, ease and joy is another way to transformation. So what would that look like in this situation?

Instead of focusing on not feeling so good and working to overcome it, I can look to the well-being that I desire to return to. Bypass the “how”, the process of “getting there”, and just embrace right now what the desired end result would feel like.

The difference is in looking at the solution, not the problem. The treasure itself, not the map to find it.

Think Harry Potter, when he found the Sorcerer’s Stone in his pocket.

When I go straight for the Well-being, I discover I already have it. And that transforms me into being it.

Now it’s your turn. What’s your current treasure, your Sorcerer’s Stone? You already have it–feel it, to find it. Share in the comments what you’re discovering, and what you are wondering!

4 Comments on “Look at the Treasure, Not at the Map to Find It”

  1. Fabulous Gina! Thank you for sharing this–it is gold! 😊 I am discovering that I am joy. All I need to do to be joyful, is feel and follow the joy. After all, it was mine to begin with, I don’t have to give it away, or allow others to alter my joy, it is my natural state of being, my birthright given by God.


    • Reading your words about joy puts me in a state of it! I like how you describe it in terms of internal and in letting go of external. When I follow joy, then joy follows me! Ha–it’s not social media, it’s spiritual media!! 😉 Thank you so much for sharing.


  2. Love your posts, Gina! My current treasure is my belief in human potential and the goodness that always prevails. We are guided by God, and if we just allow ourselves to be as we are, then we will accept that even slump is necessary in order to learn and grow. 🙂


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