Dial Up Your Life with Your Snooze Button


Do you want more out of life? More abundance, more joy, more prosperity? Maybe you feel like something is missing. Or perhaps you already feel incredibly fulfilled, and you’re looking to level up.

There is a simple way to immediately begin your no-fail path to prosperity:

Embody gratitude.

This is not your Grandma’s “Be grateful for those brussels sprouts, kiddo; now hurry up and clean your plate” attitude that you may be thinking. Saying the thing and feeling it are different. We’re talking about feeling it.

Being grateful doesn’t just make you humble, or a nicer person to be around (although those are some pretty good side effects). It doesn’t ignore your problems, your hardships or your reality — it simply changes them.

When I am grateful for what I’m experiencing, I am focusing on the good stuff. I have now put myself in a feeling state where my vibration matches all those good things that I desire. Now, as I move about my day at this vibration, I am a magnet for more of everything that’s at the same vibration. It can’t not find me! In fact, that’s all that can find me!

My favorite description of this is by Pam Grout. She likens it to tuning a radio. I wouldn’t ever set it to 98.4 FM and expect to pick up what’s being broadcast on the 106.7 wavelength,  would I? It would never in a million years cross my mind to tune into a country station and find random acid rock music. Likewise, I can’t dial in to the wavelength of self-righteousness and magically find a vibration of abundance. They just don’t match, and therefore can not be drawn to each other.


Set your dial to the station you want. Change your own wavelength to match the vibration of what it is that you desire. Show up to meet it, and you will discover that it’s already there waiting for you.

The quickest and most direct way to match yourself to what you want is through gratitude.

Getting In the Gratitude Groove

Here’s a fantastic exercise by Louise Hay that will help you get your gratitude groove on. It takes about 5 minutes at the start of your day. I’ve been actively attending to this for a week now, and really feel the difference — not only when I do the exercise, but also when I forgot to! 😉

  1. As soon as you wake up in the morning, snuggle deeper under the covers and smile.
  2. Allow your bed to cocoon you. Feel this amazing feeling, and thank your bed for the night’s sleep. Thank your sheets and blankets for enveloping you. Thank your pillow for the peace. Hold this celebration and appreciation of right here, right now.
  3. Now extend this feeling of gratitude for those closest to you. Bring to mind and silently thank your spouse, your pets, your children, your friends for being in your life.
  4. Set your intention for the day and affirm for yourself: “This is going to be a great day. I look forward to today.”


Be more specific as you become more comfortable, such as, “Today will flow with ease, joy, and love.” You can even be grateful for the first thing coming as you get out of bed: “My shower is gonna be great.” “I look forward to my exercise routine.”

You have now tuned your dial to the vibration of prosperity. Mindfully enjoy this station throughout the day.

Whoops. It’s noon, and I’m snarky.

Okay, we’re human. Old patterns pull us back. When you realize that “someone” changed your station wavelength when you weren’t looking, remember that gratitude is the quickest way to readjust your frequency. Stop, drop into your body and create gratitude, then roll with that feeling onto your next part of your day.

Stop, drop, and roll. Again. And again. Every time.

Feeling it is becoming it. And now you are it. Then more of the same comes rushing to you.

Notice that this is how it works, no matter what you are feeling. Either way, you are choosing your station.
Over to you: try this morning ritual for the next three days. (The immediate snuggling deeper in the covers is something to look forward to in itself!) Then, come back here and share your experiences. Has it helped? Any struggles? Do you wish to continue?

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