How Monty Python Helped Me Find Balance


I really, really enjoyed one of Robert Holden’s recent daily messages. He talks about how Monty Python’s sketch about the 100-yard dash for people with no sense of direction is a wonderful metaphor for our mad-dash world.

Many of us are going through life as fast as we can, in many directions.  Whether we realize it or not. I’ve recently discovered that I had accidentally entered myself in that race again. My tantalizing new book to read has been sitting on the table, waiting until after I’ve caught up on the endless loop of laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, work projects, creative writing…

And then I’m gently reminded that:

Success is not about how fast you live; it’s about how well you live. @DrRobertHolden via @ginadrellack  (Click to Tweet this.)

Excuse me a moment.

Currently, I’m really enjoying the first chapter!

Now it’s your turn. Do you find that you are hosting your own Monty Python dash? What are you saving for Later, once you’ve “earned” it? How can you reframe your Now in order to include those gems?

2 Comments on “How Monty Python Helped Me Find Balance”

  1. Yes! Saving the sweetness, the juiciness, of life until there is time throws you into an unsuspecting loop of unattainability. There is always another task at hand, the next thing that NEEDS your attention, so without intentional integration these beautiful moments, projects, hearts desires, sit at the outside of the circle. It’s time to invite them in daily, be intentional about creating and cultivating your life investing wisely in what brings you joy! 💗


    • Yeah, that is an endless loop of tasks and to-do’s — and even though I don’t feel overwhelmed, it still has an effect.

      The hamster wheel, I recognize. That’s when I’m frazzled. The more subtle version of the endless loop is not as obvious, yet still shapes my days.

      Maybe I can think of it as a Mobius strip, or loop. (

      That, for me, transforms it into a graceful, enigmatic, spiritual flow… I like that.

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