Go, You!

I used to want to be liked. And I learned that pleasing others is exhausting.

Next I hoped to be accepted. And I learned that approval is insidious.

Then I desired to be understood. And I learned discernment is both a gift and a choice.

Now I validate myself. And I learn that authenticity is sacred.

If you have ever felt alienated when you are fully being you, remember this:

We are each a great, divine expression of God. Stand in your Truth, and know that you make the Heavens sing.

How about you: Have you ever known something so right and absolute in your bone marrow, yet stood alone with it? Where do you see yourself on this continuum of external to internal endorsement? Does it depend on the day, or the situation? What is one area in your life where you can practice moving lovingly into standing in your Truth? Please share in the comments below.

6 Comments on “Go, You!”

  1. Still working on all 3 but especially being misunderstood still REALLY bothers me and I LOVE it when someone ‘gets’ me (quite rare,but all the more special when they do!) It’s all essentially about being liked, I think. One area I find easy to stand in my truth is living my values such as not buying clothes which aren’t ethically made, or being vegetarian (transitioning to vegan now). An area to work on is to not respond immediately to whatsapp messages or emails out of fear that I will seem uninterested to friends or unprofessional to employers. big love Gina! xxx


    • I love it when someone ‘gets’ me, and YES! It is all the more special when they do, you nailed it!

      I also appreciate your words about letting go of perceptions related to digital/social response. I can certainly relate to that. Also, that helps me with my physical/social response too. I live in a rural area, and I don’t look at people in their yards as I drive by — it’s not my business if they are mowing, or sitting, or watering flowers, or whatever. But, I miss out on the chance to receive their wave, and I worry that I am thought of as a snob! Thank you for helping me let go of that, too, Jenny.


  2. YES! YES! And one more time….YES!!! Perfect reminder for me today!!! Thank you for sharing your truth, you lift others up as you do!!! 🌟😘


    • I get to practice this every day. It’s still really great when I’m understood, don’t get me wrong! I’ve just discovered another layer of how to rise above that as a goal in itself. ❤


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