Wallow in Your Wonderful


Tomorrow is the US holiday of Thanksgiving. An annual immersion of appreciation is a beautiful thing to experience.

Thanksgiving is also a state of being. An attitude. A way to navigate our days, and thus, our lives.

If you want to list your blessings first, by all means do so. Or if you prefer, you can jump straight to the feeling and see what surfaces from there. No matter how you get there, the magic and the manifestation is in really feeling it.

So go ahead and get your gratitude groove on. Let it wash over you. Through you. As you.

It becomes you.

Then see what you become.

Every day of your life.

There are people who would love to h

What are you thankful for, both large and small? In what ways can you acknowledge this feeling daily? How would doing so change your life?


It costs zero dollars to be grateful for what you already have.


So Thankful For You - Thumbnail

paper in a typewriter that says thank you

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