Living through, together.


The robins have returned this past week, the weather now embraces sitting outside in the sunshine, and I went for a walk with my dog. I’m grateful for a returning sense of peace — I’ll be honest, I had lost my sense of balance of late. And while on my walk I received a profound gift from strangers. One that reminded me of what’s real. And that this is the inherent Truth to everything.

I live in a rural area, so the driveways are few and far between.


However, as we walked I began to notice drawings in the dirt.


And I realized — at every driveway approach there were hearts. At both sides.

Each entrance to a home was sealed with Love.

Every person, every family, was specifically blessed. By strangers.

We aren’t “getting” through this; we are living through this.

Thank you. You helped save me from myself, these past couple weeks.

Curious, I wondered what our own driveway entrance would hold. And when I returned from my walk of discovery, this is what I found:


A triple blessing! (And I also love the deer prints.)


That sealed my deep reset that I had found on my walk, from the kindness of strangers.

(I also believe the triple love was a nod to the school meals that my husband has been delivering daily — you can see the parked school bus from the road:)


It cannot be contained in two words just how much they enriched me personally — right when I needed it, the people in the homes that they physically blessed, and now you who are reading this. But then again, maybe it can:


I may not know you. You may not know me. And Love is what is Real. Let’s live through Life together.

Love > fear

How can you embody that Love is greater than fear, today?


(I suspect the gift is from the young mother and her children, that I have occasionally glimpsed through the trees, walking regularly now that school is closed. How lovely is that?!?)



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