The Importance of Being Extraordinary

The Importance of Being ExtraordinaryI just finished this wonderful two-cd audio set by spiritual powerhouses Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle.  What a combo!  They have an insightful visit with each other, made me think of coffee with Wendy–although our audience is usually furry household pets instead of a lecture hall full of appreciative spiritual seekers!

Having recently read and thoroughly enjoyed Wishes Fulfilled by Wayne Dyer, I found the cd’s to be aligned with the same beautiful concept of “I Am.” Our extraordinary selves are described as both encompassing and transcending our ordinary selves.  Our physical, emotional/mental selves comprise our fabulously ordinary self; our infinite soul, our Presence, is our beautiful extraordinary self.  This conversation is support for recognizing our ego vs. our I AM.

A big message that I got out of this is to treasure what I am–this is the extraordinary in me.  An affirmation given for this is:

I treasure my magnificence to be an awake being.

If you have read any of Wayne Dyer’s or Eckhart Tolle’s work, you will enjoy this cd set.  If this is your first encounter with either, you will also appreciate this insightful exchange.  Their interaction is synergistic, their shared thoughts are uplifting, and their humor is divine (pun intended!).  I bet even the Dalai Lama would get something out of listening to this!  The first cd has four tracks, totalling almost an hour (58:23).  The second cd has six tracks and includes audience questions at the end, for a total of a nice, healthy hour (66:35).

Hay House gave me this awesome spiritual support cd set simply in exchange for my honest viewpoint of it. Two listening hours very well spent, I’d say.  🙂

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Spring’s Starter Home

Spring's Starter Home

Spring’s feather bed


underneath a blanket

of February.

Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

Thank you to rohan7things for the readership award nomination of Wonderful Team Reader!  I’m especially touched because I have only recently dipped my blogging toes in the water of participating in community.  First I braved exposing myself on this blogger beach in a swimsuit (so to speak!), and next I took some time to lay out my towel in a comfortable spot.  Then I sat down and observed the water, watching others splash and play.  Finally I realized it was safe to go join others in the waves!  😉  I now have no fear of drowning, thanks to all of you.

wonderful-readership-award2A good reader is…”

A good reader is one who receives fully, responds when so moved, and understands the contribution to this Presence regardless.

Taa-daaaa!  Now here are my nominees for Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.  I encourage you to head on over to their towel on this wonderful blogger beach.  Maybe you’d like to play in the sand with them.

In order to acknowledge the award, post the award badge on your blog, finish the sentence “A good reader is…” And pass the award to a few more bloggers who, in your opinion, are wonderful team members, or just an awesome guy or girl from your blogging community 🙂

I acknowledge and fully understand that some of my Nominees have chosen not to participate in blog awards. For that reason I have not disturbed their decision by letting them know of this nomination.  And I love the amazing sand castles they build!

Travel With Kids Guide

Travel With Kids Guide






The Speed of Change is Now

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Are you ready, hesitatingly or otherwise, for a little positive shake-up in your life?  Is there something you are looking forward to one day?  Does this resonate with you: one day I will write, one day I will have a job I love, one day I will paint, one day I will be happy?

The speed of change is now.

Photo courtesy of Leadership, Life, and Style

Photo courtesy of Leadership, Life, and Style

Find things about your current job that you love.  (If there is nothing positive about it, get a different one.)  Now.  Get a sketchbook and some colors.  Now.  Write crappy first drafts.  Now.  Take that community education class on soap-making, now.  Find a free app that’ll give you a couple German language lessons, now.  See things in your life that make you smile, give you joy.  When?  Oh yeah–now.

photo courtesy of Lose The Excuses!

photo courtesy of Lose The Excuses!

By doing so, you create right now the life you wish to have “one day”.  Let go of the idea that you strive, and then when you attain you are done.  You already have it, you just need to see it.  And then your job is to enjoy it!

It’s called “right now”, not “wrong now” for a reason.  🙂

Here’s the tricky next part: let go of the finalized picture and let it happen in its own package.  Otherwise you are just asking God for a new car, and then complaining about the make and model that you won with your raffle ticket….

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photo courtesy of


I seem busier lately, and to stay balanced I’ve consciously made a point to be present.  You know what I mean–when you’re at work be at work, and when you are home, fully be there for your loved ones.

I thought I had been, and if I asked my spouse and children they would very likely give me tolerant, supportive, truthful, benevolent confirmation of this.   Is there anybody else out there who is the only female in the house?!?  But today I had a huge awakening.

I have not been making a lot of eye contact.

Oh, I’m present all right.  I listen, and I contribute to the conversation.  We all spend our common time comfortably companionably.  No one would have any complaints, except maybe understandably my husband who currently has the flu.  But presence without consistent and purposeful eye contact has room for this added layer of richness.

Perhaps nothing is missing, it’s just ready to deepen.  I like that.  And I know no one at home would complain either.

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