Flow in Peace

Isn’t it great how we get to practice all the time?  My balance is challenged lately, with a vengeance.  I’ve slipped into a state that I like to think of as temporary–as in, “this too shall pass.”

My problem is that I seem to have accepted that this is how it is, even if for now.  I think I told myself it’s best for my sanity, or at least it’s how to make it through the right now-ness.  I’d like to slide back into the mindset of creating my reality, and choosing each day (or moment!).

I don’t want to embrace the chaos: to me that means joining in on it, or at the very least accepting it as okay.  I want to flow in peace in the midst of the chaos.  I want to let go of feeling like I must conquer it in order to then have peace about it.

I’m home now, breathing easy in the comforting arms of my family.  Good news, I get to practice my renewed approach tomorrow!

I am peace.

Image courtesy of DarkJade at The Written Word

Image courtesy of DarkJade at The Written Word

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