A Meeting of the Minds

poker_sympathySummer has arrived with a pleasant and natural adjustment. My archetypes sit down for a meeting to examine this time.  Everyone is present around the kitchen table, settling into my old wooden chairs: the Sage, the Caregiver, the Lover, the Creative, and the Warrior.

My Sage has requested this meeting.  She is the thinker, the planner, the organizer, the philosopher.  She realizes there is much to consider and accomplish for this summer–which is why she has called this meeting.  She suggests making a list of options, prioritizing it, and then deciding what to achieve and what to postpone. She knows that summer will happen whether I pay attention or not, and that I don’t want to look back at and wonder where it went. Beginning the list with workshops, a conference, and work-related projects, she also highly recommends vacation times. Next, she hands out copies of potential home maintenance projects, a list of family healthcare appointments, and an overall financial update.

My Caregiver is just now sitting down, as she has made coffee. My Sage may have called the meeting, but my Caregiver is hosting it.  She is the parent, the homemaker, the daughter, the friend.  My Caregiver is concerned about including the kids’ activities and interests, honoring my husband’s personal balance of work and play, visiting my out-of-state folks while they are at their in-state seasonal home, and making time to connect with close and valued friends.  She announces that this year excitedly includes one son’s possible college visits and senior pictures, the other son’s search for his first job as well as driver’s license test, encouraging hubby in his own talk to both fish more often and sell unused big-ticket items (anybody wanna buy an extra boat?), and spending quality time with my parents as well as supporting my mom as she experiences a shift in her life. It also includes making time for friends, and having a fish fry at our home for my husband’s extended family. My Caregiver lobbies for these summer concerns, and then sits back with her coffee as she turns to encourage the next archetype in their turn.

My Lover archetype has been attentively listening, and springboards from what my Caregiver has offered.  As a spouse and partner, my Lover is intensely invested in supporting my husband and friend, as well as myself in relation to him. She is aware of nurturing my marriage, and offers ideas for time and activities as a couple.  This ranges from movie nights at home, dinners at local venues, and a weekend getaway somewhere both of us would enjoy. She also reminds the other archetypes to allow for open, unscheduled time for my husband to be in charge of his own self no matter how noble my desires to maximize the summer for everyone.  Then she sips her coffee and gives up the floor to the next archetype.

My Creative archetype takes a deep breath and speaks on behalf of myself as an individual with personal and solitary interests, dreams, and desires. My Creative dares to insist that these need to happen, rather than allowing them to be afterthoughts.  She reminds me that my writing and reading times are a necessity, to create daily space for them, and not to downplay or hide that time. My Creative reminds me that I am also a priority, to honor my desires as they arise, and that this does not detract from my honoring and uplifting others.  She then pours herself a cup of coffee with a liberal helping of my favorite creamer, and gently sits back in her chair with her chin strongly maintained as she turns toward the final archetype to take their turn at giving input to this meeting.

My Warrior smiles, sits forward, and places both palms on the table. She looks in the eyes of everyone present, holding each gaze with intent, love, and acceptance before moving to the next. My Warrior is the leader, the administrator. She is action, moving from thought to form, making things happen. She is strength, grace, and confidence.  She is courage and energy, bravery and evolution.  My Warrior thanks each archetype for their voice, than moves to proceed. She is the one who picks up the calendar and pen, and she is the one who fleshes out a schedule in order to maximize the wants and needs of everyone. She specifies known events on the calendar.  She identifies possible groups of days for longer activity choices.  Time magically appears for other named summer desires to unfold, as well as to be left open for spontaneity. My Warrior knows the balance of what to secure, what to leave fluid, and what to leave alone.  She understands the monthly calendar picture as well as the daily routine image. This honors everyone involved, including myself, and still allows the summer to unfold rather than be orchestrated.  My needs are met and celebrated, while at the same time allowing the same gift for others.  My Warrior refills her coffee cup and mentally reviews this action plan with the entire group.

Ya know, it’s going to be a great summer!  My archetypal meeting has helped me go from hesitation and damage control to anticipation and excitement.  My complete Self looks forward to whatever unfolds, and relaxes in the journey.  No dictates, many options.  No martyrdom, much empowerment.  No guilt, vast awareness.  All of my archetypes are pleased.


Lego of pre-concieved ideas….

A meeting of the Mines....

A meeting of the Mines….

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