Spreading JOMO

By now you’ve probably heard of FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out.  Yep, it appears we have successfully made our junior-high insecurities into a celebrated phenomenon. Personally, I’m not okay with carrying my adolescent anxieties into my midlife evolution and beyond.


Recently I learned of JOMO, or the Joy Of Missing Out. This too is becoming a cultural sensation, but this one validates.  It’s a repurposed Just Say No–a transformed teenage-era catch phrase that still resonates with my ripening self.


Either fear-based or grounded in peace. We get to choose, and thus create our lives.  Either way.



7 Comments on “Spreading JOMO”

  1. I thought that am the only one on earth bearing jomo not knowing that there is someone out there still bearing the name too. When i hard it, i decided to search for it through Google, the moment i type jomo, wow i saw the name jomo keyentta, and not only that i also saw the full meaning of jomo> Joy of missing out!.


  2. That second picture pulls me in, too. Be sure to click on it and read the JOMO article it came from. 🙂

    Is it an oxymoron for me to embrace a group mentality that celebrates thinking individually…? I can live with that!


  3. THANK YOU GINA!!!!! 😀 I LOVE this!!!! JOMO resonates deeply in my soul, as does the second picture, what a joyful peace it gives!!! Way to write it girl, thanks for sharing the JOY!!!!


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