Reality? Check!

So you’re choosing to quit tuning into what Pam Grout calls station KFKD, and to instead tune into awesomeness and joy.

The deejay at the old station, otherwise known as the voice in your head, will try very, very hard to get your attention back. It tries to convince you that you’re not creating your reality, but that your situation is. That your out-of-gas lawn mower, stupid plugged-up sink, and uncooperative weather are real–and that you just can’t stick your head in the sand about that. The other voice–the deeper, purer one from your soul–encourages you to be your own deejay and play what makes you feel good. It encourages you to discover that since it’s raining, there’s no hurry to mow the lawn now anyway. And as long as you’re going into town to get gasoline for the mower, you could easily pick up drain opener. If you tune into this frequency, you’ll find that the weather is actually cooperative, because it provides you with time to both attend to the drain and prepare to be able to mow the yard. Well, looky there! It’s all in how you look at it!



Even Kronk understands this.


To be fair, there are actual other people who will tell you the same thing that the snarky voice in your head does. They say that you can’t ignore reality, that it doesn’t go away just because you aren’t looking at it.

I say that’s crap. I say that’s precisely what happens

Because others cannot vibrate in your experience, they cannot affect the outcome of your experience. They can hold their opinions, but unless their opinion affects your opinion, their opinion matters not at all. A million people could be pushing against you and it would not negatively affect you unless you push back. That million people pushing against you are affecting their millions of vibrations. They are affecting what happens in their experience. They are affecting their point of attraction, but it does not affect you unless you push against them.—Abraham

Both realities exist. The real question is, which one is more fun? Which brings us more joy? The one we give our attention to is exactly the one we create for ourselves. Why choose doom and gloom? Why not choose what lightens our heart?



Which do you prefer to look at?


Some may worry that you’re being ignorant. You’re not. You’re simply choosing bliss.

Carry on.


2 Comments on “Reality? Check!”

  1. We can’t let others’ realities take us away from our own. Yet at the same time that I stand in mine, I must allow them theirs. Tricky, yes–but not impossible! (At least that’s what I tell myself each time I get to practice… 😉 )


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