Be the Tumbleweed

1510582967-TWC-Tumbleweed-Color-Logo-Mark  I’m in a situation where I can be a presence of light for others during a challenging time for all of us. I have been trying to gently guide our direction, knowing that there is a path through this of peace and love. But I feel like I’m failing when a more difficult path is chosen.  And then a huge Aha rolled through me:

Peace and love can be the path, no matter the direction.

A tumbleweed rolls wherever it’s blown, spreading its seeds as it goes. A tumbleweed doesn’t force itself to go to a certain place in order to then share what it has to offer.

Actually, it’s a tumbleweed’s job to not dictate the direction. Its gift is to share of itself no matter where it goes.

May I offer whatever I have wherever I’m taken today. Amen.


What in your life have you been trying to guide, for a holy process? Can you still guide by rolling with What Is, rather than by leading on a desired path?




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