You Are (Already) Here

Pin Drop

Along a road in northern MN

I am a huge fan of digital maps. Literally at our fingertips we can look up restaurants, craft breweries, or wax museums Near Me and instantly see what’s around us and how to get there. We can also plug in the address of our out-of-town great-aunt’s house and will be given a route.

A pin drop for where we want to be — and direction for how to get there. It’s awesome.

And yet…

Sometimes we’re so focused on getting to our destination that we don’t realize where we already are.

When I retire, I will have more free time. But today I have some time to spend how I desire.

When I win the lottery, I will have more money. Yet today I am able to buy what I need, and I still seem to be able to purchase additional things that I want.

When I have a bigger house, I will have enough room to host holidays. And yet, there’s always room for those who visit now.

When I arrive at _______________, things will be better, I will be happier. And yet, I’m also incredibly blessed and happy now.

Keep your eyes toward the pin drop you are looking toward, but never forget to see the location where you stand.

Besides, someone is plugging your location in as their desired pin drop to arrive to.

Your life, as it unfolds into the beauty of where you are heading from the beauty of where you are at, truly is the greatest show:

“It’s everything you ever want

It’s everything you ever need

And it’s here right in front of you

This is where you wanna be.”


What in your life are you waiting for “One Day?” As you move in that direction, where do you recognize you already have a piece of it? This is where you want to be. It’s how you get to There: There is simply an expansion of This. Without full appreciation of where we are, there is no truly getting to where we want to be.





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