How to get annoying people to stop bugging you:

To evoke the best from others, you must find a vibration that is a match to the best in others.

Esther Hicks and Abraham — Excerpted from Boca Raton, FL, on 1/12/1997

And there it is — my personal responsibility to bring it, first.

I no longer get to blame the trying teenager, the Negative Nelly weekly meeting participant, the crabby close-ish companion.

Yes, all those people may actually be all those things (aren’t we all, at different times?). But our experience of it is because we are right there with them in some way.

Oh, snap.

No amount of looking at “their” problem will actually place my eyes on “my” solution.

What if instead I saw the beauty of where we all could be, put my own self there, and just kept the door open?

Assume the best of others. Then let go of if they join you there or not. And be not surprised when you find them there, too. (And what if they were actually holding the door for you all along…?)

Who in your life has come to mind as you read this? What do you currently experience in relation, and what would you like to experience? How can you hold the best of them for them — and then just let it all go?

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