Life is not a linear path

For those of us who are going along nicely and then find ourselves experiencing, “What just happened here?!?”, I offer comfort in community. We are not alone. And we are, actually, right on track. Because Life is not supposed to be the straight line that it isn’t, anyway.

Today we have a guest author — Todd, Founder of Dry Farm Wines. This comes from the company’s latest newsletter, and is shared here with permission. Salud!

Hi I’m Todd, Founder of Dry Farm Wines.

I was reflecting recently on the last few years, and I wanted to share some of my personal experiences of “living well by design.”
I thought back to the start of this era of uncertainty, this new modern level of stress that feels unkind and certainly unwanted. 

For me, it started with the Covid lockdowns in the weeks and months of early 2020. Many of my rituals, even my meditation practice, became less regular. In the confusion of it all, I allowed myself to drift.

I drank a lot of wine and ate away from my regular program, like lots of unfriendly carbs (they are very comfortable old friends of mine). Even though I stayed the course with an intermittent fasting schedule of eating one meal a day, I ate and drank robustly! I felt bloated. 

One day, about 6 weeks in, I woke up and said to myself… stop the clock.
Living well by design has been my mantra for many years. I live a life of intention, filled with abundant pleasure. For me, our greatest pleasure is health and wellness.

So I stepped back for a moment one day and said: I am going to use this period to emerge on the other side better than I entered it. In 2020 and 2021, I doubled down on my health and wellness and focused on my intentions. I felt myself getting better, healthier, leaner, and stronger than before. I felt like I won the battle of coming out the other side better!

Well, fast forward. In the last few weeks, I found myself slipping off again, as we enter into another crazy period when nothing seems to be working around the world. Polarization, a new, new Covid, monkeypox, inflation, the stock market, crypto meltdown, the war in Ukraine. The momentum of negative energy seemed again to be overwhelming.

Well, I fell back for a few weeks, same deal as before – mediations got off track, sleeping a little later, drinking a lot more, and my old friends the comfortable carbs crept in again. 

I had to stop the clock, step back and focus on my intentions again. Reset.  For me that was an extended water fast a week ago to get back in control and return to my regular programming. 

I share this journey with you in case you may have lost your way a bit as well. Life is not a straight line and we all zig and zag around. I find it useful to remember that self forgiveness is a powerful tool. So, if it’s helpful, I hope my note may be a reminder to step back and reset your intentions if needed. It helps me to remind myself that living well is by design.

Thanks for taking some time to read this. Until next time, be well and I raise my glass to pure Natural Wine, when only the best will do.
With gratitude,


Founder, Dry Farm Wines
Wellness + Longevity Lifestyle Designer

So you see, we are on a spiral path and not a straight line. And what can feel like spiralling out of control is actually right on track.

But then again, perhaps in addition to Life not being a straight line, it might also not be the spiral I had thought it was. It might actually be Jeremy Bearimy:

Cheers, Jeremy.

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