Living Beyond Our Challenges

Challenge sounds so much more manageable than struggle.  And when we’re in it, we need all the help we can receive.

Fragmenting on a daily basis

I seem to be losing my mind lately

We may go through phases when we fragment daily, only to piece ourselves together enough to repeat the cycle the next day.  You’ve been there, you know what I mean.  Thankfully, these cycles aren’t permanent.  But it is a treadmill of mindless routine that seems to replace mindful ritual.  Yet it’s the routine that allows us to carry on when we are broken down to only the basic elements of getting through the day… the hour….  This too shall pass, I know.

We may find a gift of power hidden in ourselves when we are driven so very far past our limits.  It is here where we find another of our deep truths, and more of our passion.  Sometimes it is also found by its noted absence during these trials.

I also am comforted by the thought that these truths and passions of Self are also learned through peaceful times–we are not doomed to turmoil in order to grow.

I say it’s time for more of this, now.

8 Comments on “Living Beyond Our Challenges”

  1. I was thinking something along these lines just today. Routine and thinking about cycles can be very comforting. and i love how nature and the passing of the seasons reminds us of the cyclical (and impermanent, transitory) nature of everything. Great that you’ve got such a big reminder on your doorstep! Very true that what we call something can completely alter our view of it. You’re right about the word challenge, so much more empowering and hopeful. Wishing you lots of love (including buckets of self love, something I always forget about) patience and guidance with any challenges you’re currently-and I emphasise the word currently- experiencing. xx


    • I am so grateful for your reminder about self-love, that is something I tend to put on the back burner. Oho, I can create some peaceful times too, instead of waiting for them to happen…! You rock. ❤


  2. “We may find a gift of power hidden in ourselves when we are driven so very far past our limits.” This is so true. The greatest writers of our time have struggled through their lives, through poverty and fragile relationships, through rejections.. Yet somehow they managed to be successful.

    We just need to work very hard and remember what our passions are. Thanks for sharing!


  3. For me, struggle is an unavoidable situation in which I have landed unwillingly, and challenge is a situation which I am willing to accept , to face.


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