Happy Hormones, Slim Belly

Happy Hormones, Slim BellyOk, so who wouldn’t look twice at this title?!? Jorge Cruise‘s most recent book about healthful eating aims specifically at women over 40. This is my first experience with any of his many best-selling healthful-eating books, and I got sucked right in as his target audience.  Over 40? Yep.  Female? Yep! Interested in working with hormones instead of fighting and denying them? You betcha!

I learned from this book that scientific research on healthful eating plans uses male subjects because the female hormonal system fluctuates so much.  This plan embraces what others have feared.

Simply put, we need to cut sugar to lose weight. (Oh, and carbohydrates really are sugars–read the book for a thoroughly understandable explanation.) But at the same time, we need more sugar than we used to, to maintain natural happy levels. (Serotonin naturally drops as we embrace this stage of life.)  So, it turns out that we need to decrease what we need to add.  Um…what?!?

Jorge Cruise addresses this in Happy Hormones, Slim Belly.  He calls it a Women’s Carb Cycling program, in which two Slim Days are followed by five Happy Days of eating.  Not only are there extremely do-able and user-friendly menus, shopping lists, and recipes for a four-week regimen to get you started, but there is also a supportive and expansive online component that we can sign up for.  The claim is that I can lose up to 7 pounds the first week, and 2 pounds weekly thereafter–guaranteed!  In addition, it is simply a healthful eating maintenance lifestyle.

Oh, and this works for the men and families in our lives as well.

I wasn’t looking for a diet plan, it’s just that addressing the female fortyish fare resonated with me. After reading this, I plan to follow it as a healthy experiment.

…But not until after the holidays, as my friend Sara Tonin and I already have some girl time planned!  😉

I received this as my choice of book title from Hay House in exchange for my honest opinion of it.  No hormones were harmed in the making of this review.

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2 Comments on “Happy Hormones, Slim Belly”

  1. Thanks Gina for this post. Balance is the key. Extremes just lead us back to the line of least resistance where we fall into the old, and give up on any plans we make to follow, whether diet or exercise related. I just discovered the lures of raw food and blending. I believe we receive the right information that we are ready to receive at the right time it suits us. Love to you and success in 2014! A:)ex (that’s Alex with a smiley)


    • Oh, you speak Truth!! Isn’t it wonderful to be open, so that we are able to receive what we need when it comes our timely way?!?

      Enjoy your expanded pleasures with blending and raw food! Way to go, in saying Yes.

      LOVE your smiley name trademark!!


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