Courage is My Safe Word

Picture of Eleanor Roosevelt with her quote,

It’s not about scaring yourself, or searching for a fear so that you can conquer it. It’s not about waking up every day looking for, or creating, something to overcome. Those are great approaches if you do have something that you’ve been avoiding — by all means, face that fear. Be brave. Do the thing you’re wanting to do but are afraid to try.

Insane courage and bravery is also about the gentle, steady approach to an intentional life.

Do something every day that stretches you. Awakens you. Lights you up. Keeps it fresh for you. Expands you.

Take a different route to work. Use the good glassware. Grab a new holiday decoration for your home. Add to your grocery cart one healthy food item that you’ve never tried before. Listen to a new music station. Sleep on the other side of the bed. Wear the shirt that’s in the back of your drawer — and see what other clothing treasures you unearth along the way. Wear different earrings. Or wear none. Just for today, skip the eyeliner. Sit in a different chair at lunch. Sit on the floor with your dog while you catch up on your phone.

By all means, keep your routines. Just shake ‘em up a little. Remember, do one thing every day that revitalizes you, not fifty.

As we grow through life we don’t have to conquer mightily, we can expand gently. Not everything is a fight or a struggle. We also get to glide.

Doing something every day that is out of our ordinary revitalizes us. And when we are filled with vitality, Life responds to our invitation.

A large circle labeled Where the Magic Happens, and a smaller separate circle with an arrow labeled Your Comfort Zone

Now to you: what is one thing you can do today to gently shake up your routine, pointing you toward where the magic happens?

Dishtowel with a drawing of a girl wrestling an alligator, with the words

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