Thankful. Grateful. Blessed. Repeat.


Just for today

be thankful.


Hold thanks for Mother Earth

for cradling you with the air that you breathe

and for hugging you tightly with gravity

sticking you to her, and

freely providing constant life force and grounding.


Be thankful for all the blessings, flukes, and happy chances that come your way.

These serendipities are amazing gifts and experiences of being alive

and self-aware

during this journey here on Earth.


When we fall, She’s got our backs.




How can you connect in thankfulness to Mother Earth today? Go barefoot, or rub the soles of your feet, and feel the direct connection? Place your palms on a tree? Dig in the dirt? Hold a crystal?

Pause throughout your day, wherever you are, and notice where the points on your body connect — to the ground, to the floor, to your chair, to your bed. Send a mental high-five to Mama/Sister Earth.

Where do you naturally feel this connection? Where in your day would you like to create more connection?


Inspired by the Mediation “Just for Today” by Tom Evans.



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