Present moment living

I recently was reminded by life that I am on a continual journey of surrender. I guess sometimes the hits just keep on coming, right?

Clearly my desire to have it all sorted, to be responsible for, to be… in control of (Aha!) situations and events that happen to me and to my loved ones, doesn’t mean that that’s the outcome. Because Life Happens Anyway. To ourselves, and to our loved ones.

What if all the things we do to garner a sense of control are not actually the answer? What if it’s not actually about getting on top of it all, having everything all lined up, whipping it into shape? What if it’s not discipline, but surrender?

And now this.

This actually applies to all of it, the good and the less-than awesome. It’s about the navigation, not the arrival at a destination.

The invite for the celebration? And now this. That challenging conversation? And now this. Hospitalization? And now this. The salary raise? And now this. That fender-bender? And now this. Bonus free time? And now this. Can’t get unstuck? And now this.

The light, the dark — no difference.

Instead of attempting to work so hard to welcome joyousness and avoid devastations, what if I just did my best along the way and embraced what comes? Knowing that we are all guided, loved, and protected, no matter what?

I don’t pretend to know the answer. I just know there’s more here for me than the way that I have been doing it.

And now God is rolling up Her sleeves with me, smiling that I just might be finally ready?

Dad, I told you. If God’s not included, I just get bored.

Little girl in line at Kohl’s (via Tosha Silver)

2 Comments on “Present moment living”

    • Yah, for sure! Thank you! I’m also trying to practice being present with these yukky things I can’t control, instead of fighting them. Embracing, not working around. Peace and happiness! ❤


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