Be bold, be fearless.

How long has it been since you tried something new?  I mean really new, with an open mind and heart?  It doesn’t have to be something big, it’s just the openness that is important.

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When I think back to younger days, I tried new things all the time.  I mean really, when I left home as a young adult (or is it an older adolescent?!), practically everything was new!  Now that I am older (ahem–let’s call it evolving) I am more comfortable with what I choose to do and not do with my time.  And time seems to be more limited than it once was, but I suspect as I lovingly watch my retired parents that time will once again open up in unplanned ways.  The very act of choosing with awareness how I use my time now creates more of it…but that’s another thought for another day.

I wonder if I am hiding behind shoulder arthritis when I choose to no longer shoot my bow?  It was a new thing for me when I tried it 20 years ago (bowhunting, not arthritis–I tried that new thing later, ha ha!) but never really pursued it.  Same with poker.  Perhaps they just didn’t resonate?  Do I really need a reason why, anyway?  Maybe it’s enough to simply be aware that these are things I don’t need to do to feel complete–and that trying them was enough, and perhaps even important.

When we authentically try new things we learn about ourselves.  I’m not talking about going through the motions just to get someone off our back, I mean really opening up ourselves to divine possibility.  We try things for a moment, a season, and a lifetime.  (Even doctors call it their practice!)  Maybe it’s the attempt, much more than the mastery, that is important.  (Except with doctors?!)

I look at my beautiful 95-year-old grandmother.  When I get to her age and look back on all the things I gave a shot but am no longer doing, I will know I am a more complete soul for having experienced them all–the large and the small.

I overcame my fears and now write and communicate in a blog.  I bought a juicer and today I will fearlessly make and drink green juice, for the first time.  If anyone has a good juice recipe to share, I surely welcome it!

1 Comments on “Be bold, be fearless.”

  1. Green juice was indeed a bold endeavor in our house–it was a fun family event! Even though I didn’t need anyone else to be on board, and the jury really is still out for them, I’m glad I used the juicer. My fearless attitude cultivated open minds in others–who knew?!?


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