A Very Good Friend

When you are living end-stage pet hospice for the first time, you will wonder about making The Decision. Your friends who have experienced this will supportively assure you that you will know when it’s time, and great comfort is found in that.

They lie.

Go easy on them, they don’t mean to.  They mean it in a seasonal way, an end-of-an-era way.  But not an in-the-moment way.  I found relief and comfort in therefore believing that I would know when it was time to make that call to the vet, like flipping a light switch.  It’s really more like flipping a calendar page.

And that’s okay.  I just would have liked to understand that at the time, maybe I would have spared myself an amount of self-imposed confusion and grief.

Then again, likely not.

So if you are currently living end-stage pet love, you have my sincere empathy.  Knowing when it is time to make the heart-contorting decision is very grey area, moment by moment.  Take comfort that you will know when it is the season for it, if not the day.  Or the week.

You will question yourself for far too long and yet at the same time for not questioning long enough.  You will feel guilty for both considering making the call, as well as for having waited to do so.

And your very good friend loves you no less throughout.  We go through angst as they gift us with sharing this rich experience.  Honor both by giving more importance to the treasures than the pain.

That is also a very good friend.

Sadie 2000-2013

Good Dog

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