Testing positive


With the serious response to this pandemic, it’s easy to go down the fearful route. As a species, we seem to have forgotten that we ever existed without toilet paper. Or that we could somehow survive now without it.

As wonderfully reminded by Pam Grout, A Course In Miracles workbook Lesson 34 helps me with “I could see peace instead of this.” With that in mind, here is a beginning list of the positive things that I have been seeing around me:

  • The bazillion emails in my inbox from hotels, airlines, and travel sites that are waiving cancellation fees, and giving vouchers and refunds — to everyone.
  • Disinfectant wipes on sale at the grocery store. With stock still on the shelves.
  • Big health insurance companies paying full coverage for any and all COVID-19 related costs, so that there’s no cost to the patient.
  • Big box store promotion of “Buy $50 in household cleaners and supplies, get a $15 store card.” While these are already in demand.
  • Dear friends who cancelled their upcoming European River Cruise milestone celebration — they have planned this for half a decade — and being surprised with a voucher for 125% of their cost, good for two years.
  • A teacher professional development business making their Distance Learning Bundle of five online courses completely free.
  • The mainstream news stations talking about the 97% survival rate after contracting this virus. And also stories about regular people helping other regular people.
  • Sustainable products, that have always been here, are becoming more attractive to the culture as a whole. (Anything disposable has feasible other options. (The aforementioned toilet paper, feminine products, diapers for all ages of life, napkins, paper towels, kitchen storage…)

Humanity is certainly being tested during this time. May we each test positive in our responses.

What are some good things you are seeing in people? In organizations? In businesses, both small and large? What good things are you seeing in yourself? In those you are now spending an inordinate amount of close-quartered time together with? Please add to this list, in the comments below.

Take care. Of yourself, and each other. Together we will get through this.




2 Comments on “Testing positive”

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  2. Here are more positives that I am seeing during this time:

    A free Grounding & Gratitude virtual interactive workshop. (3.28.2020 — register here: https://www.moxiemalas.com/products/grounding-gratitude-practices-in-challenging-times?goal=0_15281ea977-abd23e443b-328147321&mc_cid=abd23e443b&mc_eid=11b0ce10e9

    A free online course called Peaceful Tools for Panicked Times, here: https://annapurna-living.teachable.com/p/peaceful-tools (no date, online, on demand, self-paced)

    Where are you seeing peace and positivity?


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