Reiki is for everyone

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What is this? How the heck do I pronounce it? Why would I be interested in it?

Reiki (RAY-kee) is a healing energy practice. It is a gentle, non-intrusive, non-touch (or optional touch) therapy. The recipient remains fully clothed. Reiki brings a sense of wholeness, deep relaxation, peace, and well-being. (Yes, please!) This practice assists in the body’s restoration of balance — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual — so that the body can more effectively heal itself.

Reiki is NOT a religion, nor is it bound by any belief system or dogma. It is not a replacement for western medicine, but is a complement to all other therapies and treatments.

Reiki is Universal Life Force energy. It flows from the Divine through a practitioner’s hands. A great way to describe this is:

Reiki is a relaxation technique that promotes self-healing.

It is not necessary to practice Reiki on others, although you absolutely can. (Also use with pets, plants, food, etc.!) In fact, the best place to begin is with your own self-practice! Honestly, when I began I had no plans other than supporting and expanding my own wellbeing and self-care. My personal Reiki journey has been amazing on all levels, and it still continues!

I’m incredibly excited to teach Reiki classes onsite through community education in Grand Rapids (MN)! Currently Reiki I and Reiki II classes are scheduled for this summer. In addition, there is an Introduction to Reiki visiting session. We are looking to repeat these offerings in the fall, with an added Reiki III class.

If you are in the area, I encourage you to register and join us! At the very least, stop in — I’d love to meet you!

Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual — which area jumped out at you the most? How might you desire to rebalance, today?

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