Fast track to self-nurturing

Today I have begun a fast for a medical checkup test. In the next 24 hours I will ingest only coffee and water, and I may have eggs for supper. And I’ve already hit my coffee limit.

I got this. It’ll be fine. I’m invested in accurate checkup results, so this isn’t a hardship. However, I do have a plan for my day:

  • I will be gentle with myself, today.
  • I will move my body with intention and grace.
  • I will pause my thoughts and consider.
  • I will attend to what needs be done, and then I will stop working for the day.
  • I will nurture myself, today.

Wait a minute.

This seems like a good recipe, for any day.

What if we approached every day in this way? How would that affect our well-being as we move through Life? How would it affect our relationships, our productivity, and our sense of self?

I’m gonna find out, today.

Today I will do my work and then I will stop. I will read. I will watch a movie. I will do my nails. I will snuggle on the couch. Tucked in here at home, in comfy clothes. Wrapped in care and self-love.

Today I will nurture myself.

(And I will eat eggs. I adore eggs!)

How might you nurture yourself, today?

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